NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2018 recap: Donovan Mitchell tops Larry Nance Jr.

NBA Dunk

Donovan Mitchell is your 2018 Slam Dunk Contest winner, topping Larry Nance in the Finals. It was an average dunk contest with a few decent slams and a lot of stuff we’ve seen before, especially Nance’s homages to his dad. (Those have a cool backstory, at least.) Mitchell had a few polarizing dunks, and for his last one, he broke out a Vince Carter jersey. That’s bold — probably too bold, for the dunk he ended up pulling off.
Donovan Mitchell put on Vince Carter’s jersey and threw down a not-good-enough-for-a-Vince-Carter-jersey dunk. If it’s not clear, I’m extremely mad online. But whatever. It’s official: Donovan Mitchell is your Slam Dunk Contest winner.Larry Nance is going to win this, I’m telling you. NBA wants him to win. There’s no way his impressive windmill should’ve been a 49. It was impressive! It was still just a windmill. (Once again, DJ Khaled saves the score from being a total disaster.)Contest

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