Richard Harrison, Canny Patriarch of ‘Pawn Stars,’ Dies at 77


New York times today:  Richard Benjamin Harrison, a canny deal maker and the patriarch of the History channel reality show “Pawn Stars,” died on Monday. Known as “the Old Man,” he was 77.

The cause was Parkinson’s disease, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the Las Vegas store at the center of the show, said on its website.It did not say where he died.

According to a biography on History’s website, Mr. Harrison was a Navy veteran who opened his shop in the 1980s. Three generations of Harrisons eventually worked together in the store.

Canny Patriach

“Pawn Stars” had its premiere in 2009 and became one of History’s highest-rated shows. It charts the relationships between the Harrisons and other employees and shows them dickering with customers who are trying to sell or pawn objects that they claim are unusual, historically significant or otherwise valuable. Be sure to check this out
The Harrisons enlist outside experts to help authenticate and value the items, which have included Super Bowl rings, a first-edition copy of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan novel and a movie prop supposedly used in “Back to the Future Part II.” Each family member has been knowledgeable about different subjects relevant to the store’s success. Mr. Harrison was well versed in automobiles, among other things.

In 2010 Mr. Harrison told Las Vegas Weekly magazine that the fame he had achieved by appearing on the show Want more traffic to your site try this“took some getting used to,” but that he appreciated the fans’ enthusiasm; some have traveled thousands of miles to visit the store. Want more traffic to your site try this “Everybody who comes in the store here, they didn’t come to Vegas because of Vegas,” he said. “They came to Vegas because of us.”

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