Chibum is a development and licensing studio for electronic games with a focus on simulation. We want to deliver games and immersive services with detailed mechanics, always focusing on performance and attention to the community.

Web Host Simulator
Simulation game in information technology, the player will learn from start to finish about the world of IT and the processes of how to create a hosting company and have a datacenter.
We do the integration of competitive games that have SDK to make them visible to the public in a broadcast or internal use of teams.
We create custom games for companies, advergames are indicated to increase the relationship with the customer and as a marketing tool.
We create gamified environments, which can be games or systems that run in the browser, gamification is indicated to engage, motivate and improve learning.
Bots improve interaction with the public, whether on Discord or Twitch, they can bring new features and make the environment more alive and interactive.
If you are interested in any service or have any questions, send an email or message via WhatsApp and we will be available to help you.
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